Spreader Beams for Rigging and Lifting Spreader Beams for Rigging and Lifting Spreader Beams for Rigging and Lifting

Spreader Beams for Rigging and Lifting

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Spreader Beams for Rigging and Lifting

Spreader beams are some of the most popular below the hook lifting devices in the material handling industry. Just like lifting beams, spreader beams are used to widen the available lifting points on rigged loads and keep lifting slings at a 90° angle relative to the horizon. Unlike lifting beams which convert vertical lifting forces into bending forces on the beam, spreader bars convert vertical lifting forces into compression forces on the beam. Spreader bars for lifting and rigging consist of a beam with two or more lifting lugs on the bottom that attach to lifting slings that attach to the load. How they differ from lifting beams is in their top attachment. Instead of a single centered bail that connects to a crane or hoist hook, spreader bars are suspended by a multi-leg sling that attaches to the bails on top of the spreader beam.

At Tri-State Rigging Equipment we specialize in providing custom designed and fabricated spreader bars for lifting and rigging. We can also provide you with any standard “off the shelf” spreader beam on the market. If you cannot find what you are looking for, or if you don’t know exactly what you need, call or email or sales team to speak with a below the hook product specialist.

Spreader Beam Advantages

Spreader beams excel at lifting extra wide and heavy-duty loads. Spreader beams convert lifting forces into pure compression forces and therefore do not have to be as rigid as lifting beams. This means that they require less material, and are, in general, typically smaller, lighter in weight and less expensive than lifting beams. The use of two lifting points on top of spreader beams distributes the weight of the load evenly and eliminates the challenges that come from putting stress on a single lifting attachment. This unique design reduces the chances of load tipping, sliding, or bending, and reduces the risk of crushing or damaging the load.

For irregular and off-balance loads, telescopic and adjustable spreader bars, allow riggers to not only adjust the angle of the top lifting sling, but also the length of the beam itself. Fixed and adjustable spreader bars are an ideal material handling solution for almost any rigging application.

Spreader Beam Disadvantages

The use of an overhead sling to attach spreader beams to a crane or hoist hook means that spreader beams require much more head room than their lifting beam counterparts. This prevents spreader beams from being used in low headroom lifting applications.

In addition, spreader beams are not ideal for lifting loads that must be supported throughout the length of the load. If a load requires this kind of extra support, a lifting beam is most likely better suited for the application.

Lastly, the use of a tag line may be required to reduce the risk of the load spinning and to safely control the load while it is being lifted.

Engineered Product Warning

HATSB - Adjustable Telescopic Spreader Beam


  • Ideal for outdoor applications or where headroom is NOT limited.
  • Upper rigging spread between the two lift points lowers the center of gravity and adds extra stability to the lift.
  • Telescopic to accommodate for various size loads: 1 in. adjustable increments for 2 through 15 ton capacities, 12 in. adjustable increments for 20 through 40 ton capacities.
  • Can be supplied with optional chain or wire rope top rigging.
  • Engineered and manufactured to ASME B30.20 and BTH-1 Design Category B Service Class 2.
  • 100% of ALL Harrington Lifting Beams are proof-tested to 125% capacity and certificates supplied at no additional charge.
  • Made in USA.
  • Options: Additional lengths, Higher capacities, Upper and lower shackle design, Wire rope top rigging.
Adjustable Telescopic Spreader Beam
HATSB - Adjustable Telescopic Spreader Beam
Model No. Capacity Outside Spread
Beam/Hook Wt.
HATSB-2-4/6 2-tons 4 ft. / 6 ft. 50 in. / 60 in. 70 lbs.
HATSB-2-6/10 2-tons 6 ft. / 10 ft. 76 in. / 92 in. 85 lbs.
HATSB-2-8/14 2-tons 8 ft. / 14 ft. 101 in. / 119 in. 175 lbs.
HATSB-2-12/20 2-tons 12 ft. / 20 ft. 139 in. / 174 in. 245 lbs.
HATSB-5-4/6 5-tons 4 ft. / 6 ft. 58 in. / 67 in. 105 lbs.
HATSB-5-6/10 5-tons 6 ft. / 10 ft. 83 in. / 100 in. 160 lbs.
HATSB-5-8/14 5-tons 8 ft. / 14 ft. 107 in. / 132 in. 205 lbs.
HATSB-5-12/20 5-tons 12 ft. / 20 ft. 145 in. / 181 in. 670 lbs.
HATSB-10-4/6 10-tons 4 ft. / 6 ft. 63 in. / 72 in. 95 lbs.
HATSB-10-6/10 10-tons 6 ft. / 10 ft. 78 in. / 117 in. 175 lbs.
HATSB-10-8/14 10-tons 8 ft. / 14 ft. 113 in. / 139 in. 460 lbs.
HATSB-10-12/20 10-tons 12 ft. / 20 ft. 151 in. / 171 in. 680 lbs.
HATSB-15-4/6 15-tons 4 ft. / 6 ft. 67 in. / 76 in. 165 lbs.
HATSB-15-6/10 15-tons 6 ft. / 10 ft. 91 in. / 109 in. 365 lbs.
HATSB-15-8/14 15-tons 8 ft. / 14 ft. 117 in. / 142 in. 478 lbs.
HATSB-15-12/20 15-tons 12 ft. / 20 ft. 154 in. / 189 in. 700 lbs.
HATSB-20-7/11 20-tons 7 ft. / 11 ft. 98 in. / 112 in. 430 lbs.
HATSB-20-9/15 20-tons 9 ft. / 15 ft. 129 in. / 151 in. 540 lbs.
HATSB-20-12/20 20-tons 12 ft. / 20 ft. 159 in. / 189 in. 822 lbs.
Custom models or adjustments available upon request. Call (314) 869-7200 or Email for more information.

Tri-State Rigging Equipment is a custom designer, manufacturer, service provider and distributor for all below the hook lifting devices, including spreader beams and spreader bars used for lifting and rigging, serving clients from coast to coast, Canada, Mexico. and especially focused in the states of Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, South Carolina, Florida, and Oklahoma.

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