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Chain Binders and Transport Chain

Securely bind material or cargo to your flatbed truck.

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Chain Binders and Transport Chain

Chain Binders

Chain binders, often referred to as load binders, chain boomers, trailer binders, tie down binders and flatbed binders, are tools that are used to tighten transport chain when you are securing cargo for transport. No matter what you call them, chain binders, load binders, or chain boomers, they are heavy duty and efficient rigging tools that are a vital part of any cargo transport operation. Chain binders are most used in the trucking industry on flatbed trailers. There are two main types of chain binders, lever binders and ratchet binders. They differ in their binding mechanism and both have pros and cons. However, load binders should be chosen based on the operator’s preference.

Chain and load binders are primarily used to tighten grade 70 transport chain but there are also lever and ratchet chain binders that are designed to be used with grade 80, 100, and 120 chain. These heavy-duty grade 80, 100, and 120 load binders can work with a wide range of chain grades, so it is important to know the rated capacity of both the load binder and the chain. In rigging, assemblies are always rated to their weakest link. This means that you must always know whether your weakest link is your chain or your chain binder. This will allow the operator to secure loads while keeping himself, those around him, and the load safe.

Chain binders are identified using 2 different measurements. First, the appropriate chain dimension when using grade 70 chain to secure loads for transport. The second measurement is the appropriate chain dimension when using grade 43 chain for stationary tie down applications.

At Tri-State Rigging Equipment we pride ourselves on providing our customers with the highest quality chain binders and transport chain from only the most reputable manufacturers. If you can’t find what you are looking for, or if you don’t know exactly what you need, call or email our sales team to speak with a transport rigging product specialist.

Lever Chain Binders

Sometimes called a lever chain or snap binder, a lever binder features two tension hooks, both connected to a lever that is used to pull the hooks closer together, securing transport chain around a load. Lever load binders are prized for their simple design and ease of use. Lever load binders have fewer moving parts than ratchet load binders, meaning less maintenance. In addition, lever chain binders tighten quicker than their ratchet chain binder counterparts. This simple design does have drawbacks, however. The design of a lever chain binder stores the tensioning energy from pulling the chains together in the handle of the binder. This means that lever boomers require more strength to tighten and are more likely to snap back on the operator. Lever binders also have a shorter take-up distance than that of a ratchet binder.

Tri-State Rigging Equipment strongly advises against using cheater bars to extend the length of a lever binder handle. This can create tension forces that are far greater than both the lever binder and the transport chain are designed to withstand. The use of a cheater bar is not only dangerous for the operator, but also for those around him, and for the load as well.

Ratchet Chain Binders

A ratchet binder, sometimes referred to as a ratchet chain or chain boomer, is a load tensioning device that features 2 tension hooks connected to a ratcheting lever. This design makes the ratchet chain binder a much safer option when compared to a lever chain binder. The handle of a ratchet load binder does not store energy like the handle of a lever load binder, reducing the risk of the lever snapping back on the operator. Ratchet boomers also have almost two times as much take-up distance and require significantly less force to operate than similar lever binders. The main drawback of using a ratchet boomer is that it takes longer to tighten a transport chain than with a lever binder.

Peerless QuikBinder Ratchet Load Binder

The Peerless QuikBinder is the next generation of safer, more efficient, and easier to use ratchet load binders. The Peerless Quikbinder is designed for use with both grade 70 transport chain and grade 80 alloy chain. The ratcheting mechanism in the QuikBinder has three different settings. One for ratchet take-up, another for ratchet extension and a third for “free spin” adjustment, allowing you to quickly adjust the ratchet binder in either direction. This allows most loads to be secured in nearly half the time using a Peerless QuikBinder. In addition, the lever of the QuikBinder can fold down when the load is secured. This makes storage a breeze and increases safety by keeping the handle from sticking out during transport. The foldable handle also allows the Peerless QuikBinder to be locked with a pad lock, giving you peace of mind that your load is always safe and secure. Peerless QuikBinders are available in sizes ranging from 5/16”-3/8” to 1/2”-5/8” with working load limits ranging from 7,100 lbs. to 18,100 lbs. All Peerless QuikBinder handles are 13.9” and have a maximum take-up of 6”.

Chain Load Binder Best Practices

Like most, if not all rigging equipment, there are some general guidelines that should be followed to use lever and ratchet boomers at maximum efficiency, and in the safest way possible.

  1. Gloves should always be worn to keep a firm and secure grip on the handle of the chain binder.
  2. NEVER use a cheater bar to increase the tensioning force on a load binder. Misuse of load binders can injure not only yourself, but someone nearby as well.
  3. When using lever load binders, always make sure the lever is fully locked and ensure there is no shifting of the load after tension is applied.
  4. Stay clear of the handle of a lever chain binder when releasing the binder. This reduces the risk of injury from lever snap back.
  5. Do not rush the take-up of a ratchet load binder. Ratchet load binders work best with slow and steady ratcheting motions.

Tri-State Rigging Equipment is a service provider and distributor for all transport chain, boomer chain, chain binders, load binders, trailer binders, and chain boomers, including lever and ratchet chain binders; serving clients from coast to coast, Canada, Mexico and especially focused in the states of Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, South Carolina, Florida, and Oklahoma.

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