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Sheet, Plate, and Bundle Lifters

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Sheet, Plate, and Bundle Lifters

Sheet lifters are used to lift a variety of sheet, plate and bundled materials. A sheet, plate or bundle lifter works by compressing two arms around and under whatever material you are trying to lift. Sheet lifters can be operated by a few different mechanisms. First, a sheet or plate lifter can be operated manually, using a hand wheel drive to open and close the arms. Second, a sheet or plate lifter can be operated electrically with the use of a battery powered motor and radio controls. Lastly, a sheet or plate lifter can be operated hydraulically, using radio control and hydraulic cylinders to move the arms.

In addition to being used on their own, you can employ two sheet lifters at the same time by using them in conjunction with a lifting beam or spreader bar. Available in capacities up to 20 tons, sheet, plate and bundle lifters are extremely versatile and well suited for light duty, as well as heavy and severe duty rigging and lifting applications.

Here at Tri-State Rigging Equipment we specialize in providing custom designed and fabricated sheet and plate lifters to fit a variety of dimensional, capacity and application requirements. We can also provide you with any standard “off the shelf” sheet, plate or bundle lifter on the market. If you cannot find what you are looking for, or if you don’t know exactly what you need, call or email our sales team to speak with a below the hook product specialist.

Sheet, Plate, and Bundle Lifter Options

Sheet, plate, and bundle lifters have many production applications and can be equipped with a huge number of optional features to fit almost any bundle, steel plate or sheet metal handling application. Some of these options include:

  • Telescoping Arms
  • Radio Control
  • Power Rotation
  • Pin-on Angle Extensions
  • Motorized End Pickup Legs
  • Multiple Hook Bail Designs
  • Two-point Crane Suspension
  • Adjustable Position Lifting Feet
  • Fully Automated Designs

Sheet, Plate, and Bundle Lifter Designs

The design of your below the hook sheet lifter depends on several different factors, each affecting the design of the sheet handling device in different ways:

  1. Load Specs:
    • Maximum weight of load
    • Minimum and maximum lengths
    • Minimum and maximum widths
    • Maximum height of load
    • How are the sheets, plates, or bundles lifted?
      • Single sheet or plate
      • Single banded stack
      • Single stack on pallet
      • Multiple stacks
  2. Duty Cycle:
    • Light Duty (a few truck loads per week)
    • Heavy Duty (typical metal service center)
    • Mill Duty (severe, 24/7 service)
  3. Lifting Surface Designs:
    • Standard carrying angles
    • Pin-on extension angles
    • Fixed lifting forks
    • Adjustable sliding lifting forks
    • Telescoping arms
  4. Power Supply:
    • Hand wheel
    • Hand chain wheel
    • Electric motor
    • Self-contained battery
    • Hydraulic
  5. Sheet Lifter Operation:
    • Integrated crane and sheet lifter controls
    • Separate sheet lifter controls
  6. Sheet Lifter Crane Attachment:
    • Single bail
    • Double bail
    • Triple bail
    • Directly reeved into crane

Engineered Product Warning

Tri-State Rigging Equipment is a custom designer, manufacturer, service provider and distributor for all below the hook lifting devices, including sheet lifters, plate lifters, and bundle lifters, serving clients from coast to coast, Canada, Mexico and especially focused in the states of Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, South Carolina, Florida, and Oklahoma.

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