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Snow Tire Chains

Improve your traction in icy and snowy conditions.


Snow Tire Chains

If you work in or drive through areas where there is a possibility of icy or snowy roads, it is extremely important to have and properly use snow tire chains. There are two general types of snow chains. The first type are snow chains that wrap around the tire. The second type are devices that swing the chains under the tire as you drive. No matter the type, snow tire chains keep you safe and improve your ability to drive in sleet, snow, slush and ice.

Even if you don’t expect to have to use tire chains often, it is extremely important to have them handy just in case. Some state governments even require drivers to keep tire chains in their trunk in the event road conditions become dangerous.

At Tri-State Rigging Equipment we pride ourselves on offering our customers the best tire chains from only the most reputable manufacturers. That is why we offer snow tire chains from Peerless, Pewag, and Quality Chain Corp.

Peerless Tire Snow Chains

Headquartered in Winoa, Minisota, Peerless Chain Company is one of most premium chain manufacturers in the world. They are renowned for their expert craftsmanship and extremely high-quality tire snow chains. We can provide you with any Peerless snow tire chain, including Peerless Quik Grip tire chains and Peerless Auto Trac snow chains. If you don’t know what model or size tire chain you need, Peerless has a tire chain finder on their website.

Pewag Tire Snow Chains

Pewag group is one of the oldest chain companies in the world, having been founded in Austria in the 15th century. For their entire existence Pewag has been the leader in innovation in the chain industry. Recently, they were the first company to supply tire protection chains for the giant CAT 994 loader in 1992, they invented Grade 120 chains and components in 2003, and they won the “Pinnacle Award” from Craneworks Magazine in 2004 for the best product innovation. Pewag was also the first chain manufacturer to offer 23mm tire protector chains for giant loaders in 2007.

Pewag is known for their use of square chain. This makes Pewag chain even more rugged than others. We can provide you with any product line offered by Pewag including Pewag Servo and Sport snow tire chains, as well as all Pewag tire protection chains. If you don’t know what model or size snow chain you need, Pewag has a snow chain configurator on their website.

Quality Chain Tire Snow Chains

Quality Chain Corp is the largest tire snow chain wholesaler in North America. Quality chain has an unparalleled inventory and are always quick to ship. No matter what you are looking for, Quality Chain Corp has the tire snow chain to fit your needs. We offer all product lines from Quality Chain Corp including Road Blazer tire chains, Cobra cable chains and Quality Volt tire chains. Quality Chain Corp is also the place to go for tire chain replacement parts and accessories, including bulk cross chain and side chain.

Tire Protection Chains

The highest single cost associated with operating a wheeled unit in a mining operation is the wheels. Special “Earth Mover Tires” are the standard in the mining industry and they are not only expensive, but also sensitive to cuts and punctures. Tire protection chains by Pewag are the ultimate combination of traction and protection. Pewag is the industry leader in tire protection chains and even set a world record when they put tire protection chains on the world’s largest tire. The benefits of using tire protection chains include:

  • Reduced tire costs due to multiplied tire life
  • Reduced cost of tire due to tire maintenance
  • Tires and tire chains have more predictable service lives
  • Allows for more accurate budgeting
  • Decreased tire failure and decreased down-time
  • Increased traction and stability
  • Increased productivity and increased tonnage per hour

There are many challenges associated with operating wheeled units in a mining operation. Pewag tire chains efficiently solve many of these problems, adding value to almost any mining operation. Pewag tire protection chains are available in a wide variety of sizes and styles to fit any tire protection application.

Tri-State Rigging Equipment is a distributor for all tire snow chains and tire protection chains from Pewag, Peerless Chain and Quality Chain Corp; serving clients from coast to coast, Canada, Mexico and especially focused in the states of Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kentucky, South Carolina, Florida, and Oklahoma.

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